NEC Projects


Delaware Third Track Project

Project Partners

  • DelDOT
  • Delaware Transit Corporation
  • Amtrak

Project Benefits

  • Increased Capacity
  • Safety
  • Passenger Service
  • Connectivity
  • Environmental Impact

Project Status


Available Funding

$ 71.2 M

Amtrak and the Delaware Transit Corporation (DelDOT) are partnering on a $71.2 million project to increase capacity between Wilmington and Newark, Delaware. The project will include 1.5 miles of new, main line third track between Ragan and Yard interlockings, which will eliminate a current two track bottleneck.

The project also includes rebuilding of Shipley Street Bridge and reconfiguration of Brandy, Ragan, and Yard interlockings. The project will result in increased capacity for commuter rail expansion, and improved operations for all users. The project is funded by a combination of state, federal, and Amtrak funds.

The new bridge over Mill Creek is currently under construction and significant portions of track have been laid in preparation of the bridge’s completion. Bridge girders are scheduled to be installed in the coming months.  The project is scheduled for completion in 2018.