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Amtrak Acela Train Traveling Across the Hell Gate Bridge in New York
March 29, 2017

Hell Gate Bridge Celebrates 100 Years of Service

Amtrak and the Greater Astoria Historical Society, along with New York elected officials, community leaders in Astoria, Queens, and rail enthusiasts gathered in Long Island City, NY, on Monday, March 27, to mark the 100th anniversary of the start of passenger rail service over the Hell Gate Bridge.

Completed in 1916 and opened for passenger rail service on April 1, 1917, the Hell Gate Bridge was the last critical link in what later became known as the Northeast Corridor, connecting Boston to Washington, D.C., via an all-rail route through New York City. It transformed the way people and goods moved through the nation’s largest metropolis and business capital.

The Hell Gate Bridge was jointly commissioned by the Pennsylvania and the New York, New Haven and Harford Railroads and designed by civil engineer Gustav Lindenthal. The Hell Gate Bridge was the longest steel arch bridge in the world when completed and instantly became an icon of American railroading. Currently, about 40 Amtrak Northeast Regional and Acela Express trains cross the bridge each day, as well as some freight trains.

Now, Amtrak is planning for the transportation needs of the New York region, and the greater Northeast, for the next 100 years. With state and federal partners, Amtrak is investing in the vital Gateway Program, a comprehensive plan to modernize and increase track, tunnel, bridge and station capacity in the New York-New Jersey area that will result in greater levels of service, increased redundancy and added operational reliability.

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