NEC Projects


The Keystone Corridor

Project Partners

  • PennDOT
  • U.S. DOT Federal Railroad Administration
  • Amtrak

Project Benefits

  • Increased Capacity
  • Safety
  • Passenger Service
  • Connectivity
  • Environmental Impact

Project Status


Available Funding

$66.8 M

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) has been granted $66.8 million under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) to make high-speed rail improvements to the 104-mile Keystone Corridor, which is owned by Amtrak from Philadelphia to Harrisburg. The improvements include: closure of three public highway-rail grade crossings, preliminary engineering of interlocking/signal system reconfigurations, and rebuilding of State interlocking in Harrisburg. These projects are intended to advance the goal of 125-mph operations, reduce overall trip times, and improve service reliability. This project builds upon the improvements made since 2006 as part of the Keystone Corridor Improvement Project, which has resulted in electrification along the length of the route, top speeds of 110 mph, express service for some trips, and an increase in frequency from 11 to 14 weekday trains in each direction. In addition, the improvements made to the Keystone Corridor have contributed to a significant increase in ridership. The Keystone Corridor Improvement project included the participation of Amtrak, PennDOT, and Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA).

In addition to infrastructure improvements, Amtrak, SEPTA and PennDOT are also making significant investments to improve the stations along the Keystone Corridor.

The Keystone Corridor is one of Amtrak’s State Supported services, in which financial support for rail service and infrastructure improvements is provided by PennDOT. In addition to Amtrak service, SEPTA provides commuter rail service along portions of the Keystone Corridor.