NEC Projects


Niantic River Bridge Replacement

Project Partners

  • Amtrak
  • U.S. DOT Federal Railroad Administration
  • Town of East Lyme, CT
  • Town of Waterford, CT
  • U.S. Coast Guard
  • East Lyme Public Trust

Project Benefits

  • Increased speed and reliability of rail operations
  • A higher span and broader channel for maritime traffic
  • Expanded beach access
  • Jobs
  • Historic preservation

Project Status


Available Funding

$154 M

A new Niantic River Bridge has replaced one of the oldest movable bridges in the country. The new bridge is one of five movable bridges along the Northeast Corridor between New Haven, Conn., and Boston, Mass. One of Amtrak’s most complex capital projects in recent years, the bridge replacement was partially funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and successfully completed in May 2013. Prior to its replacement, "Old Nan" served as a key link for passenger and freight rail traffic between New York and Boston, operating continuously from when it was built in 1907 until its replacement in 2012.

The project involved the construction of a new two-track, electrified, railroad bascule bridge across the Niantic River 58 feet south of its former location between East Lyme and Waterford, Connecticut.  As part of this project, Amtrak also rebuilt the Niantic Bay Boardwalk, replenished the beach with 76,000 cubic yards of sand, and increased parking spaces at Cini Park to expand public beach access.