NEC Projects


Providence Station Improvements

Project Partners

  • Rhode Island Department of Transportation (DOT)
  • Federal Transit Administration
  • Federal Railroad Administration
  • Department of Homeland Security
  • Amtrak

Project Benefits

  • Interior and exterior station enhancements
  • Better station access and integration with local transit options
  • New capacity for high-speed services
  • Security improvements

Project Status


Available Funding

$9 M
Through an upcoming contract, the Rhode Island Department of Transportation plans to upgrade the station’s south entrance (downtown side) to enhance circulation for vehicles, buses, and taxis and to create an inviting, civic space at the station. Needed pedestrian enhancements will also be made along Gaspee Street, and damaged concrete and limestone areas on the building’s façade will be repaired. Other planned improvements include adding amenities for bicyclists, updating signage, and landscaping. The improvements are being supported by approximately $6 million in State and Federal Transit Administration Funds.
Utilizing a $3 million FRA High Speed Rail Program grant, Rhode Island DOT will also analyze a series of potential improvements to the station for future high-speed rail service, commuter service, and freight rail movements. Amtrak is also partnering with the Department of Homeland Security at the station, where bollards to restrict vehicle access and exterior lighting will enhance security.
Above renderings courtesy of Rhode Island DOT.