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Repairs at New York Penn Station
April 05, 2017

Repair Work Underway at New York Penn Station

Amtrak engineering forces on the tracks at New York Penn Station make good progress working as safely and quickly as possible to repair damage to one of the most complex interlockings on the Northeast Corridor, a location where two tunnel tracks diverge towards the 21 station tracks.

The damage from an April 3 incident impacted multiple switches, signals and the mechanisms that control them, several rails, a rail crossing point, signal wires and other components. The work is ongoing, with safety as the first priority, as crews operate heavy machinery with energized power lines overhead and trains moving by at reduced speeds on adjacent tracks.

The image above shows the complexity of the job and the amount of people working in a relatively small area. The crews are located west of the station platforms but before trains enter the Hudson Tubes. While trackmen work to replace damaged rail and switch components, the crane is being used to lift, remove and replace track components, while several of the workers (signalmen) work to replace destroyed switch machines.

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