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Penn Station Visioning Study

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Penn Station Visioning Study

In partnership with Long Island Rail Road and NJ TRANSIT, Amtrak is completing a planning study to envision the future of Penn Station, New York.

NY Penn Station lower level

Penn Station lower level

Penn Station Amtrak Departures Board and Queuing

Penn Station Amtrak Departures Board and Queuing

The study, which concluded in 2014, provides a comprehensive roadmap for a phased series of improvements that will deliver a transformed Penn Station facility by 2035. These improvements will commence with a pilot program to unify signage and wayfinding throughout the station in 2015, and will expand in both scope and level of investment in the years to come.
The use of the station facility and its connecting subways has grown from 200,000 daily customers in the 1960s to over 600,000 daily customers today. The improvements proposed in the study aim to dramatically improve pedestrian circulation and passenger amenity within the station by redesigning and expanding passenger concourses and connecting passageways within the station, and improving the station’s retail offerings. The study has also developed strategies for improved access to the station from the street by renovating and increasing the limited number of station entrances, which may also provide opportunities to introduce natural light into the subsurface station concourses. Exterior plaza and streetscape improvements are also proposed. The Visioning Plan anticipates the opportunities for dramatic reconfiguration of the existing Penn Station facility with the relocation of Amtrak’s primary passenger accommodation and station operations facilities to the new, adjoining Moynihan Station complex in 2025.


  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Improved wayfinding
  • Unified station signage and identity
  • Introduction of daylight into station
  • Exterior improvements, including public plaza space


  • Amtrak
  • MTA Long Island Rail Road (LIRR)