The NEC: Supporting a $2.6 Trillion Economy

The Northeast Corridor (NEC) is one of the busiest, most complex, and economically vital transportation systems in the world connecting eight states and the District of Columbia. As the majority owner of nearly 80% of the NEC, Amtrak not only moves intercity riders, but also provides access and/or operational support to eight commuter lines and six freight operators. Currently more than 260 million passenger trips are made on the NEC per year, a figure that is projected to reach over a half billion by 2040. As the popularity of rail travel soars, Amtrak and our NEC partners are challenged to ensure that the NEC can meet the demand for new capacity on this critical infrastructure asset, portions of which date back a century, and continue to deliver the safe, reliable and convenient service passengers expect from America’s Railroad®.

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Amtrak owns and operates 80% of the mainline Northeast Corridor, stretching from Washington, DC to Boston. Carrying over 2,200 daily trains, including Amtrak, commuter and freight trains, the Northeast Corridor is the nation’s most congested rail corridor and is among the highest volume rail corridors in the world.