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New York Penn Station Improvement Program

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New York Penn Station Improvement Program

Exterior of New York Penn Station
New York Penn Station

New York Penn Station is the busiest railroad station in America, serving more than 650,000 daily commuter and intercity rail passengers on Amtrak, NJ TRANSIT, the Long Island Rail Road and the New York City Transit subway. More people use Penn Station every year than use all five New York regional airports combined.  The station is the hub of the Northeast Corridor railroad, which links Boston, New York City, Washington DC and intermediate stations with connecting rail corridors serving Albany/Upstate New York, Hartford/Springfield, Harrisburg and Richmond, Va.

As a vital transportation gateway, Amtrak is committed to the continuous improvement of New York Penn Station. Amtrak is advancing several projects to refresh and modernize New York Penn Station. These include a refresh of the station restrooms on the Amtrak concourse, refresh of the Amtrak Ticketed Waiting room and a refresh of the ClubAcela lounge.

Restroom Refresh
Amtrak has completed a refresh of the restrooms located on the Amtrak concourse. The updated restrooms include durable terrazzo floors, contemporary wall tiling, updated fixtures and energy efficient lighting. New solid surface sinks incorporate automatic soap dispensers, faucets and hand dryers.

Amtrak Ticketed Waiting Room Refresh
Amtrak has made improvements to the Amtrak Ticketed Waiting Room. The improvements include enhanced amenities for passengers, improved wayfinding and space organization and activation of the east entrance exterior wall to enhance Waiting Area visibility in the concourse.

ClubAcela Refresh
Amtrak has made improvements to the ClubAcela lounge. The improvements include an increase in the size of the lounge, new furniture to increase seating, new lighting fixtures, refurbishment of the restrooms, additional train departure boards, new snack counter, expanded and reconfigured business center and a new luggage storage area.

The New York Penn Station Improvement Program comes on the heels of the recently completed Infrastructure Renewal at New York Penn Station, and advances Amtrak’s plan to modernize its stations, infrastructure and trains on the Northeast Corridor.



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